I have been both a fan of and a friend to the chaps at Intermorphic for a long time now. I still have a copy of one of the earliest versions of their generative app for Windows Mobile (remember that?), and I ended out 2016 with an interview with Tim Cole from Intermorphic, which is still worth a read).

Today they release the latest version of their all round generative music system, “Wotja”. This is version 5, and effectively is the consolidation and evolution of Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl, Tiklbox & SSEYO Koan. So that’s a lot to like up to in a single app.

If you don’t know what Wotja is about, then have a read of this …

Create ideas for music, melodies, MIDI & lyrics… or one-press make beautiful ambient generative music albums for sleep & relaxation. Users say of this powerful & unique creativity system: “hands down the best generative software that I have ever used”, “Brilliant”, “Extremely musical”, “Deep and professional”, “best MIDI composition tool”, “Love Wotja!”.

There’s lots to explore, but you don’t need to be a musician or expert to use Wotja, the evolution of Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl & SSEYO Koan. Anyone inquisitive can learn to master its power; see our video tutorials.


  • One-press creation of Albums of mixes (fast, very useful and fun!)
  • Album randomization settings
  • Auto-generated mix icons
  • BP3 Backing Template Pak
  • Two new in-built cut-up rules
  • Numerous other improvements


Generate a live stream of music or create a stimulating cut-up and enjoy it as you would enjoy freshly brewed coffee – there’s nothing quite like it!


  • Create & record your own custom, high quality, license/royalty free background music for videos, CDs etc.
  • Playlist live background music for meditation, sleep, relaxation, yoga, art etc.
  • Create “reflective music” melodies using “Text-to-Music”; use text in ANY language and/or emoji
  • Experiment with generative music & sound design, MIDI input interactivity etc.
  • Drive other MIDI synths via MIDI Out
  • Use the ‘Cut-Up’ Technique to help break writer’s block; discover new ideas for lyrics, songs, poems, haiku, stories etc.


  • Includes hundreds of editable “generative music” templates
  • Use up to 48 independent content cells in 12 tracks for mixing/generative cell sequencing
  • Make + export/share mixdown recordings (48Khz Stereo WAV, MIDI)
  • Adjust mix tempo, root, randomisation settings etc.
  • Create automatic albums (new for 2018) + playlists
  • Play music continuously for up to 1 hour [Music Play Time], press play to restart
  • Use your own SF2 wavetables or WAV/Ogg loops [2]
  • Multi-channel MIDI Out/In via CoreMIDI & Virtual MIDI
  • Inter-App Audio & Audiobus 2/3 support
  • iCloud & iCloud Drive support
  • Open Noatikl, Mixtikl & Liptikl files
  • “IME” Generative MIDI Music Engine with 130+ user-editable parameters including “Text-to-Music”
  • “ISE” Sound Engine with powerful multi-unit modular synth, FX, General MIDI set + several high quality SF2 files
  • “ITE” Cut-up Text Engine featuring word locking, syllables, word alternatives, 5 source fields, user editable word library & word bank

Wotja 2018 for iOS costs $14.99:

Wotja 2018 for MacOS costs £38.99:

“Wotja 2018” is the ‘annual’ **non-subscription** version of “Wotja”. It has the same capabilities as Wotja with an active “Wotja Unlocked” In-App Subscription. It will be updated in tandem with Wotja during 2018 only. At the end of 2018 it will be removed from sale and no further updates will be made available for it – for further updates simply get a later annual version. [1]

Alternatively, get Wotja and purchase one of the In-App Subscription tiers. These are: “Wotja Unlocked” or, for extended Music Play Times, a range of “Wotja XT” tiers.

[1] The annual version will likely continue to work just fine if you subsequently update the operating system on your device but if you find you require further updates, perhaps because of an operating system or 3rd party component update, or if you want to get and use the cool new features, content and capabilities as Wotja evolves, then simply purchase a later annual version (e.g. 2019).
[2] FREE Loop Paks – https://intermorphic.com/pak