Groove Rider GR-16 only arrived at the end of December and already it’s had a bunch of updates, this being the 6th, and all in less than 2 months. I think that’s pretty impressive by any standards. This update comes with what looks like a load of user requested updates and features, plus the usual big fixes, although there aren’t too many of those to be honest.

Anyway, here’s the full list of what’s new in Groove Rider GR-16 1.2.5:

  • added IAA host sync with transport control support;
  • added an icon on the display, indicating that either Link or IAA sync is currently active;
  • velocity pads feature added (vertical and radial type), which can be turned on for specific part in the Part parameters menu;
  • SHIFT button’s touch area expanded;
  • now you can press Shift+Play to immediately play newly selected (blinking) pattern during playback without having to wait for current pattern to end;
  • added: in the Patterns selector, left-swipe pattern’s name to reveal the red “Init” button;
  • added: chain stop option for patterns chaining;
  • added: arpeggiator hold, tap the TouchPad with the second finger while holding the first one (or tap Shift+TouchPad as an alternative);
  • added step trigger conditions in the notes editor. They can be assigned to every note by changing the “Condition” parameter (previously called “Chance”);
  • tapping the BPM in the top header of display now immediately opens the pattern’s tempo parameter menu for convenience;
  • part color icon in the bottom right corner of display is replaced with the Mute icon, which indicates, if selected part is currently being muted or not. Tapping this icon will mute/unmute selected part without needing to enter the MUTE mode;
  • fixed: arpeggiator was gradually going out of sync with the pattern, if was played in the long run;
  • fixed: stems/audio export was incorrect when the Link sync was on and connected;
  • 8 new factory patterns added (“Back to the Roots” track), which contains new step trigger conditions written in its notes as an example;
  • lots of minimal bug fixes.

Groove Rider GR-16 costs $18.99 on the app store: