DJ Player Professional 9.7.3 arrives and once again brings us a big batch of updates and tweaks. If DJ apps are something that you’re interested in then it’s almost certainly worth knowing about DJ Player and its current status. It’s one of those apps that has been around for quite some time, in fact from almost the very start of music apps on the app store. So it’s stayed the distance, and what’s more it still gets regular and very full updates, as is shown by the latest version.

So, here’s all the details of what’s in 9.7.3:

Portablist Output Mode

  • Route the players to each side of an external crossfader, while keeping every other mixer features in the app.


  • Better readability.
  • New, colored waveform option (how to use: shift + pencil, then tap on waveform icon).


  • Quantize option for SYNC. In this mode the player is quantized, but its tempo is not synchronized to the master deck.
  • Half Beat quantize option (in Player Settings).


  • External mixer modes keep the equalizer, filter and channel fader. Useful for many cases, such as temporarily solving a broken filter knob on your hardware mixer or post-fader FX.
  • The only features not available in external mixer modes: recording, crossfader, headphones (pre-listening).
  • Enabling pre-listening on a channel will re-route effects to pre-fader on that specific channel only, other channels will not be affected.
  • Track preview for external mixer configurations. Preview plays on the channels of paused players. (Can be disabled in Config Settings.)
  • Simpler configuration options in settings.
  • Pre-listening to a post-fader or post-crossfader fx: close the channel fader or the crossfader.


  • Play button icon changes for reverse playback direction.
  • Items in the history are selectable for playlist creation.
  • The big channel volume meter is back in the classic layout.
  • Improved time-stretching audio quality for the extreme slow-down range (-20% to -50%).
  • Reduced GPU load for longer battery life.
  • Improved compatibility with older DJ controllers having issues with iOS (such as glitching audio).
  • Fixed: MIDI Clock.

DJ Player Professional is on the app store and is free but with IAPs