Audulus have started off 2018 with a significant update to Audulus 3. Version 3.5 integrates iOS11’s new file system / browser, which will make moving patches around far more fast and convenient. Coupled with that is a new streamlined patch browser, giving users the ability to sort patches into folders, mark favorites, and more easily share patches.

The Module Library now arranges modules in a folder hierarchy, which makes finding modules much faster. And now you can search for modules and nodes by name, as well as drag and drop patches from iCloud storage. On your iPad, the Module Library remains open as you patch. This can save time, especially when building large patches.

Automatic highlighting is new to Audulus 3.5, simplifies understanding patches. Select a node or group of modules, and their output wires highlight while all others dim. Audulus 3.5 comes with an expanded library of examples accessible from the create document menu. The new examples include previews of an upcoming module library redesign. This massive expansion uses graphical symbols instead of text abbreviations for control labelling.

Under the hood Audulus 3.5 has been redesigned to make it easier to release smaller updates such as adding new patches, tutorials, and modules. And finally, Audulus now runs in portrait mode on iPhone!

Audulus is on the app store now: