I’ve been an Auxy user since version 1. Since then I’ve seen it grow and develop in a lot of different directions and do some very interesting things too. I may not have agreed with it all, but I have seen this app get consistent and high quality updates, and version 5 is exactly consistent with what’s gone before. In fact, I’d probably say that goes in a new direction for Auxy, and one that I think makes a lot of sense, but more of that in a minute.

Let’s start by talking about Auxy’s redesigned drum instrument. This new instrument allows Auxy users to build custom drum kits with their favorite samples, browse through samples and import their own too. A user can now start with an empty kit or one of the new presets that Auxy has on offer. But it goes further than that too. With the new drum instrument a user can adjust pitch, reverb, pan and other settings for each individual sample. Samples can be added to favorites for quick access, and you can now have up to 20 instruments in your project.

Also in version 5 Auxy adds a new sample library. The library is available through a premium subscription model, which gives users access to all the available sound packs as well as new content that will be added every month. To kick off their new model Auxy is offering a free trial period, and, if you already own some of their sample packs your free trial period could be extended.

There’s a few other bits and pieces in version 5, here’s a quick list.

  • Samples with meta data will auto tune to key setting and pre-trig if they have a pre-roll
  • Redesigned sound browser
  • All sounds and samples now live in the cloud and can be accessed dynamically
  • Decide which sounds you want to download to your device
  • Only download the sounds you need when opening a shared project
  • Remove unused sounds to clear space on device
  • Two new sound packs available today:
  • Boom Bass (bass patches based on tuned kick samples)
  • Destiny (synth sounds for future bass type music by 7 Skies)

Now to the financial stuff. The Auxy subscription is USD 4.99 for the monthly plan, but you can pay for a full year and get 20% off the monthly price. There’s a 7-day free trial for new subscribers, and current sound pack owners get to keep their sound packs indefinitely and get an extended free trial.

As it goes I think that this subscription model is pretty good value. If you think about all of the existing packs in the app and what you’ll get going forward it makes a lot of sense, and I can see myself going for this.

Auxy is free to download on the app store: