Groovebox is an interesting app. On the one hand it has a major appeal to completely new users who are looking to start making electronic music on their phones. It’s a good place to start. You can get going almost immediately with no previous musical experience or learning.

But that’s not all. You can do lots more. In amongst its IAPs Groovebox has some very advanced features which would appeal to anyone who is familiar with regular synth and sound design concepts. From that stand point it’s usable for a beginner and a seasoned user. There aren’t many apps you can say that about.

Today Ampify Novation have added a new member to the Groovebox synth family. MiniMon is a contemporary synth for punchy bass riffs and rich detailed leads. It has powerful wavetable modulations generate a broad spectrum of inspiring sounds. The free MiniMon Essentials 1 soundpack includes 20 presets and over 100 patterns.

Also in this release is the ‘Pro Features Collection’, in which you can get all four Groovebox instruments in one easy-to-get bundle.

Groovebox is free on the app store (with IAPs)