The last update to Remixlive brought Drag & Drop functionality to the app, but not satisfied with that, the developer has gone on to add more features in version 3.5. Generally speaking this version has a focus on workflow improvements, the main one being a new split mode, which means that users can now see both the FX and mixer alongside the main view, and both of these can be controlled. This is a sizeable improvement for users, and, potentially makes it a lot more usable in a live environment too.

Also in 3.5 come a series of design improvements such as smoother animations.

All in all this is another positive update to Remixlive, and continues to move it forward as both a useful and enjoyable app for creating music with.

If you don’t know Remixlive then it’s probably worthwhile reminding you of the overall feature list.

Finger drumming mode

  • Tap the beat in the extra “Drum” grid with percussion & note samples.
  • Record patterns thanks to a loop-based sequencer — with overdub.
  • Grouped (Link) & exclusive (Shock) triggering of samples.
  • Route each pad to a mixer line — with its associated color.

Control everything in real time

  • Tap Tempo and Live BPM control — with time-stretch.
  • Play in sync with any Ableton Link-compatible app.
  • 6 live-controllable FX (Delay, Filter, Flanger, Reverb,etc.).
  • 6 Beat repeat pads from 1/16th to 2 bars.

Complete remix toolbox

  • Mixer: EQs, levels, filters & Mute/Solo on each channel.
  • Sample editor: Gain, Pan, ADSR, Transpose, Reverse & more.
  • Record external sounds through the mic.
  • Inter-App & Audiobus 3-compatible: share audio between apps.

Sounds for every taste: 60+ sample packs

  • Grid: 24 pads on iPhone, 48 on iPad.
  • 96 samples per pack: 48 loops/FX and 48 drum/note samples.
  • 50+ sample packs, including artist packs by Carl Cox & DJ Vadim, among others.
  • Colored pads: 16 colors to customize your grid.


  • Import samples in WAV, MP3, AAC, M4A & AIFF.
  • Export & import packs between devices.
  • Record your performance & share it via email or SoundCloud.
  • Drag and drop files with compatible apps (iPad & iOS 11 only)

Remixlive is free on the app store (with IAPs)