Groove Rider GR-16 updates are becoming a very regular thing now. We’re up to 9, and they’re not small either, at least for the most part. The latest update, version 1.3.2 is another one that has plenty to offer the app’s users.

Here’s what’s new:

  • “Save to New…” function during playback now immediately switches to the new saved pattern without having to wait for current pattern to end;
  • “Export Pattern Audio” functions were renamed to “Render Pattern Audio” for clarity; and “Export Pattern” (.gr16 format) functions were renamed to “Share Pattern” accordingly;
  • “Render Chain Audio” and “Render Chain Stems” functions added, allowing you to render a chain of patterns, starting from current pattern, into one big audio file (or stems archive) for export. Be sure to turn “Chain Mode: On” setting to enable and use these functions;
  • a progress bar added when rendering audio, with the “Cancel” button, allowing you to cancel rendering in the middle of the process if needed;
  • bug fixed: patterns with non-standard rhythm base (especially 16 Triplets) were playing back and chained incorrectly;
  • several minor, but important bug fixes.

Groove Rider GR-16 on the app store: