Intermorphic’s Wotja app gets another decent sized update in version 5.2.8. Wotja is really one of a kind in the generative music space, there’s nothing like it at all. It’s really a seriously big bundle of tools, but all in one app, and all with the same purpose. Intermorphic has some serious credentials in this area, having been in the world of generative music for well over a decade now.

Here’s what’s in the latest version:

  • In this update the ‘Unlocked’ In-App Subscription tier Music Play Time Timeout has been increased massively, from 1 hour to 8 hours (i.e. to the same value as was in the XT1 tier). Enjoy Wotja for longer and for less!
  • The 6 month auto-renewing XT In-App Subscription tiers that were available to extend the Music Play Time Timeout for long play music requirements have now been removed from sale (see instead Long Play Music below). When an auto-renewing In-App Subscription is removed from sale it simply means that it can no longer be purchased and the pre-existing subscription will not auto-renew. An active XT In-App Subscription will therefore continue to work just as it does now until that subscription expires. At the time of subscription expiration should you wish to continue using Wotja without Free Mode Limitations then you can either subscribe to the ‘Unlocked’ tier or purchase the paid for annual version (Wotja 2018). If you have a requirement for very long play music (i.e. > 8 hours) then see below.
  • Long Play Music: For those that need very long play times for their Wotja files (.wotja, .wotjabox), e.g. for installations, we have released a new app, ‘Wotja X’. With its range of auto-renewing (but easy to cancel) weekly ‘Long Play’ In-App Subscription tiers ‘Wotja X’ allows its Music Play Time Timeout to be disabled whilst the tier is active. NB: It is easy to open your Wotja files in ‘Wotja X’ as both ‘Wotja’ and ‘Wotja X’ share the same iCloud folder. Tip: If you want to long play .noatikl and .mixtikl files then for the moment use ‘Wotja’ to add them to a Wotja playlist file (.wotjalist) and then export that to a .wotjabox file for playing in ‘Wotja X’.
  • Fixed issue with Albums/Playlists not sequencing correctly and mix countdown timer not updating.
  • Randomization defaults in ‘Settings’ have been changed to better support automatic album creation on lower power devices (it is easy to change these to suit your purposes); Blank Cells setting now 35% and Tracks now 2.
  • Fixed an issue when stopping a Mixdown Recording (‘Unlocked’ feature).
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Wotja: Generative Music is free on the app store with IAPs