Look Mum No Computer has been at it again – building his own 100-oscillator synth, bestrewn in knobs and lights, just because he can.


There are actually two plotlines here, which you might miss in the video, hyperactive as it is.

First, there was the initial trip down into the basement of Ghostix Labors, a one-man circuit bending / sound circuit building shop. It seems his studio is – seriously – “in the dark caves under the old castle” in Schwerin, Germany (near Hamburg). I think “don’t be afraid of the bats” isn’t actually a joke.

So, Ghost Labors had a lot of 555 chips to unload, and then… actually, nothing happened to those chips, not yet.

But an idea was born, and Mr. No Computer returned to build a massive experiment in over-engineering.

It’s not just 100 oscillators, but 100 voices – each oscillator gets its own filter. And in case that’s not enough, there’s a routable LFO. The blinky lights visualizing the behavior of the oscillator, too, in that it’s all one circuit, so it’s both showy and meaningful.

And you get a lot of knobs. And it sounds a lot like things like the Swarmatron, so I suppose we’ve learned that more oscillators really is better.

Via enmoreaudio.com