Hokusai Audio Editor has been around for a long time. It started back in August 2011 and has been consistently updated for both its paying and free user bases. version 2.2 brings a huge batch of updates for both camps.

Here’s what’s new:

New for paying customers:

  • New: Play back previews of projects at different speeds
  • New: Input gain control during recording (for devices which support it)
  • New: Import/export effects presets (for making backups & sharing presets with others)
  • New: Export Selection command now has choice of .wav or .m4a formats
  • New: Commands and keyboard shortcuts to adjust the selection range to sound or silence.
  • New: When changing a project’s BPM, Hokusai offers to resample or time stretch the project to the new tempo
  • New: Click Track can match its BPM to the project’s

New for all users:

  • New: Warns when your device is low on storage space
  • New: Option to scroll the screen automatically to follow your finger when you drag the selection near the edge of the screen
  • New: Option to scroll the screen automatically during playback to follow the Play Head
  • New: Keyboard shortcut to jump to Play Head
  • New: Sort projects by name or size (as well as the original, sort by date)
  • Accessibility: “Magic Tap” gesture to play/pause audio playback
  • Improved some visual elements, including alerts and menus
  • Various other small fixes and improvements

Of course, the good thing about Hokusai Audio Editor is that you can try it for free and check out how it works before you commit to a purchase.

Hokusai Audio Editor on the app store, free with IAPs