I’ve talked about the excellent work that Intermorphic do (and indeed have always done) in the generative space, both here at CDM, and for more than a decade back over at PalmSounds. More than anyone else they’ve continued to push the boundaries of generative music and extend the possibilities of what you can do with it.

With the latest iteration of their flagship generative music suite, Intermorphic have added the ability to export video from Wotja, making it quick and easy to share stereo recordings of your creations to the world. The still image used in the video export reflects what is shown in your Display mode screen.

  • New: Video export segment in Mixdown & Recordings screen where you can make video recordings of a mix (Open Mix > Mix Mode > Action button > Mixdown & Recordings > Video segment > bottom Record button) [Feature requires active ‘Unlocked’ subscription]
  • New: Export an existing audio recording as a video where it uses imagery from the Display mode of the currently open mix (Open Mix > Mix Mode > Action button > Mixdown & Recordings > Audio segment > Tool icon > Create Video) [Feature requires active ‘Unlocked’ subscription]
  • Fixed: issue where envelope editor wasn’t showing labels
  • Other bug fixes

If you’ve missed what’s been happening with Wotja, here are some recent videos

Wotja is available on the app store for free with IAP subscriptions