It’s only fair to say that Intermorphic have been in the generative music business for a very long time, I mean a really long time. They started with SSEYO Koan back in 1990, and dipped their toes in the emerging world of mobile music in 2004 with miniMIX, which ran on Windows Mobile. I still have a copy of that on my old Dell Axim PDA, and it still works.

I think that this is where I first came into contact with Intermorphic, or SSEYO as they were then. miniMIXA was one of the first things I used on Windows Mobile, and it was an eye opener into what could be done on mobile. If you read their site, and in particular the page about their history, you’ll find out what a difficult time they had before they became Intermorphic.

But for many of you, you’ll have started your journey with Intermorphic with apps like Mixtikl and Noatikl, both of which are now subsumed into Wotja, both as iOS app and also on macOS.

If you do head over to the Intermorphic site you’ll be interested to see the entry about Brian Eno and his involvement with the story too. In fact there’s a huge wealth of information about Intermorphic and generative music as a whole. For example, you probably didn’t know that Intermorphic had won a BAFTA for their software?

So, go take a look, and see just how much Intermorphic have achieved in their various forms over the years.

Wotja is available on iOS

Wotja is also available on macOS