Or at least so it would seem. It’s a good idea in many ways, and a refreshingly simple idea too. One that you might be wondering why it wasn’t done before. I think that’s a good question. The app has an almost non-existent description on the app store. It simply states:

Don’t forget another setting on your non-preset synthesizer again. Quickly input your favorite synth sounds in a compact, intuitive way with SynthPatch.

SynthPatch currently supports patch creation (not synthesis) for Minimoog, SH-101, and Pro One synths.

Of course, the idea of storing synth presets in iOS isn’t a new one. There are some great apps for doing this for a wide variety of hardware synths. Once of my favourite apps in this category is Patch Base (and it’s companion for anyone who needs SysEx, SysEx Base). Patch Base is great for hardware that can transfer patches via MIDI, but of course there are plenty of synths that don’t or can’t do that, and that’s where SynthPatch comes in. Without it you’d have to use pen and paper, or take a picture.

I’d like to see this app add a lot of other synths to make it much more useful. That would seem well worth investing in, I hope that happens. Ideally I’d like it be a way of capturing presets for stuff like the Bc16 / Bc8 and even the Olegtron! We’ll see.

For now you can get SynthPatch on the app store for $3.99