Jam Maestro is an app that keeps on getting updated and in this latest version (3.5) the developer has responded to user requests and has added the following:

  • Support for 7 string Guitar.
  • Support for 5 string Bass.
  • Midi/IAA Instruments further support up to 8 string Guitar/6 string Bass.
  • Individual instrument tuning supported. You can now set each instrument to their own separate tuning if you wish. This can be done in the instrument edit/setup screen.
  • Capo support.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues importing/saving/opening custom drum kits.
  • iOS 11 File browser support.
  • Updated to the latest Audiobus SDK.
  • Various bug fixes.

Developers who respond to their users are the best kind. Apps that get updates in line with what users are after are ideal, it builds community, it builds trust, and it results in happier users. So, a big thumbs up to David Blake, the developer who makes Jam Maestro, and also Jam Maestro Lite too. Nice job David.

Jam Maestro costs $4.99 on the app store (was $8.99), and Jam Maestro Lite is $0.99

Jam Maestro

Jam Maestro Lite