KORG’s Monologue owners will want this one: the keyboard gets the slick editor treatment of developer Momo Müller. Edit, automate, and store parameters from a plug-in or standalone app.

Momo has been going through all the top hardware and adding editor tools, with interfaces that mimic the actual hardware. That includes the Monologue’s predecessor, the Minilogue, plus popular choices like the Roland Boutique line and KORG volca series. The Monologue is a special addition, though, given this instruments’ microtuning support.

Since it’s available as a plug-in, this can be useful to automating controls and saving settings for hardware with your projects. (That’s much better than that feeling of opening up a project with MIDI tracks and trying to remember what the hell the outboard synth was meant to sound like, though that … uh … sometimes leads to happy accidents, I guess!)

Features: X/Y control, sound bank access, and the ability to save on the synth itself or as VST preset files.

32-bit and 64-bit versions available, standalone, VST, and Audio Unit. Mac and Windows.

Price: 5.90 €