LayR describes itself as ‘massively polyphonic’, and according to the developer it is capable of delivering up to 256 voices of rich, multi-layered and textured sounds. That’s impressive, but what’s even more impressive is its latest update 1.2, which delivers a huge punch of new features and functionality.

Here’s all that’s new:


  • Audio Unit v3.
  • New App Icon.
  • New look for User Interface.
  • PDF Manual ( please read it! ).
  • An optional “Light” colour scheme.
  • More new presets!


  • Zoomable, scrollable editor.
  • Shortcut buttons to quickly zoom to locations in the Layer Editor.
  • Presets shared between instances and with stand-alone app.


  • A slider strip for each chanel groups Instrument levels while maintaining relative volumes.
  • A slider for every MIDI controller assigned in the current Performance.
  • Slider strips can renamed or hidden from the mixer panel.
  • Query which instrument/layer/dial any MIDI controllers have been assigned to in the current Performance.
  • Optionally transmit CCs to the MIDI output port.


  • Clearly labelled controls.
  • Double tap or pinch on the background to zoom the UI.
  • New Mod Matrix for routing modulation sources to any destination.
  • New Oscillator mode providing coarse/fine tuning and improved FM with a much greater range.
  • New “Fixed” oscillator mode to decouple the oscillator from MIDI notes.
  • New “Sync” mode for LFOs keeps LFOs in all playing voices synced to the same phase.
  • Dials: Increased accuracy and threshold between vertical and horizontal tracking (coarse/fine).


  • Every track can now have it’s own mode, length and speed.
  • New Playback Types.
  • New Event Types.
  • Copy/Paste/Clear tracks (long press on track).
  • New “Hold” button, the sustain pedal is no longer used to hold arpeggiator notes.


  • Drag and drop Instrument Strips to rearrange order.
  • Drag and drop Instrument Strips to copy into or merge with another Instrument.
  • Drag and drop Layer Strips to rearrange order within an instrument
  • Drag and drop Layer Strips to the mixer background to create a new instrument with that Layer
  • Drag and drop Layer Strips to other Instruments to make a copy in the destination Instrument.


  • Easier Import/Export for presets.
  • Bank Files: A new file type for importing and exporting entire banks of presets to Files etc.
  • Banks and programs can now be deleted/cleared.

MIDI: ( See manual )

  • A new MIDI input port for live “Performance” bank/program select using any channel. (optional)
  • Option to use either MSB or MSB for bank select.


  • Optional “expert level” swipe shortcuts to open or close various panels.
  • Performance “Append…” has been fixed, you can now append multiple performance programs to the currently loaded performance.
  • Reverb is now silenced when changing presets.
  • “Fold” amount in Filter 2 is now adjusted downwards as key notes go up, reducing aliasing artefacts as notes get higher.
  • An Optional “Legacy Mode” to maintain compatibility with older devices

LayR is available on the app store and costs $19.99