Volt is a pretty amazing app. We haven’t had many MPE enabled apps, but what we have had is pretty good. Even though Volt is pretty new it’s already gathering a great deal of respect. In version 1.1 the developer, Kai Aras has added the usual array of fixes, updates and functionality. Here’s everything that’s new:

– Fixed crash when loading the AU into Auria Pro
– UI: Main UI can now be scrolled left and right
– UI: improved 12.9 inch layout
– UI: fixed an issue where double tapping some controls would cause them to center rather than default to their init value
– UI: tapping on the tempo section now brings up a text input
– ARP: fixed an issue where presets using up/down mode would not work
– Presets: added support for managing favourites
– Presets: tapping the active preset display now brings up a quick select popover
– Presets: moved preset manager into the AU part
– Keyboard: added option to configure MPE glide sensitivity
– Keyboard: added option to switch between a range of 1, 2 or 3 octaves
– Keyboard: settings will now be restored when restarting the app
– Keyboard: fixed an issue where glide would not be sent on initial key down resulting in a noticable bend once glide was engadged.
– Keyboard: fixed an issue with the onscreen keyboard where latched keys would not persist changing octaves
– Keyboard: onscreen keyboard now supports quantized glide in regular mode
– Keyboard: onscreen keyboard now supports polyphonic vertical slide in regular mode
– DSP: fixed an issue where using the lightning to mini jack adapter would cause glitches in standalone mode
– MIDI: fixed an issue where pitchbend could generate audible stepping
– MIDI: fixed an issue where VOLT’s virtual input port would no longer work if a MIDI input device was selected

Volt is on the app store and costs $14.99