Vulse is an interesting idea for an app, in fact a concept that I don’t think has been done elsewhere, and so far it’s getting some pretty good updates with new features updates and more. In version 1.5 the app has received a massive update with a new effects, control modes and loads more.

Here’s a full list of what’s new in version 1.5:

  • 7 new effects! Harmonizer, Vibrato, Smooth Shift, DeepWah, EQ, LowPass, & HighPass. Try them all for free!
  • 2 new tilt control modes! Tilt forward (roll) and tilt around (yaw). All tilt controls can also now be easily re-centered with a single tap in the Settings menu.
  • Save, rename, and delete custom configurations of effect chains — switch between different “pedal boards” with a single tap!
  • Each individual effect parameter now has its own settings menu to adjust its range, fallback value, and inversion.
  • Runs on older devices that don’t support Metal (e.g. iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th gen, iPad 4th gen).
  • Each effect’s default parameters can be replaced with your own custom configuration, or reset back to original values.
  • Adjustable noise gate settings — enable/disable, attack/hold/release times, attack/release thresholds and noise volume.
  • Reimplement Phaser effect to fix aliasing and only use one LFO sweep.
  • Add many new useful parameters to Resonator.
  • Updates to Play screen’s glow effect for improved aesthetics.
  • Significant improvements to reduce CPU and battery usage, which has in turn reduced audio stuttering.
  • Fixed multiple crashes — current betas have been 100% crash free so far.
  • New white noise audio source option.
  • Pre-render many views before they are shown, to avoid UI hang-ups and audio stuttering.
  • Manually entered parameter values are now clamped to acceptable ranges, to avoid unexpected behavior on certain inputs.
  • Audiobus SDK updated to 3.0.4 for correct iPhone X UI.

Vulse is free on the app store with in app purchases

If you don’t know about Vulse, here’s a little something that’ll give you a bit of a clue …