LCW-2 mono comes from the developer of LCW-1, PWM-1, and ToyTone. All of which are quite unique and ‘quirky’ in their own right. Then along comes LCW-2 mono. A synth app specifically for your iPhone, which is, in itself a nice thing to see, as you don’t see that many iPhone only synths these days. I feel like that’s a shame. Like that’s where we started this journey, and now most of what iOS music has become is about the iPad. Which is ok, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that there seems to be less and less specifically iPhone related app ware these days.

Anyway, enough of the rant. More of what LCW-2 mono is about. This is, according to the developer, a “little complicated synthesizer”. Apparently it’s based on ToyTone and implements several experimental functions. Which is absolutely music to my ears (pun intended).

So let’s take a look at LCW-2 mono’s specifications:


  • 4 channels, Monophonic


  • Wave form:
  • Sine, Triangular, Sawtooth, Rectangular, Noise

LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator)

  • Wave form:
  • Sine, Triangular, Sawtooth, Rectangular, Noise
  • LFO1 for Voice
  • LFO2 for Delay effect

EG (Envelop Generator)

  • EG1 for Modulation
  • EG2 for Modulation
  • EG3 for AMP/Modulation

Time modulatable delay

  • Time modulatable delay gives effects like Chorus / Flanger.


  • Signal generator can trigger each voice in combination with a threshold.

Plus LCW-2 mono also supports Inter-App Audio (Generator only).

So, all in all this is a nice little, and yet somewhat complex synth.

LCW-2 mono is free on the app store now