This is an unusual new audio unit, but then that is one of the nice things about iOS, that you can find some pretty strange to add into your host, and now one of those can be the RX950, which is of course an Akai S950 Emulator, that you can use to recreate the sounds of the kinds of classic machines which defined the sound of Lo Fi House and Hip Hop. If that’s what you want of course.

The RX950 shows some fairly close attention to detail in how the app has been developed and put together.

So let’s have a look at the app’s features:

• Legendary 12-bit resolution
• Perfect modelling of the S950’s audio signal path
• Adjustable audio bandwidth (and thus sampling frequency)
• Original steep 6th-order low-pass Butterworth filter
• Stereo or mono operation
• Low CPU consumption
• Supports AUv3 and Inter-App Audio

And here’s how it works:

The Input Gain Knob makes your sound loud’n’proud with the S950’s unique grit and warm distortion. It’s powerful and will help anything stand out in your overall mix.

The Audio Bandwidth Knob controls the target sample rate and analog-to-digital conversion circuitry with an exquisite, yet remarkably subtle, aliasing effect.

The Filter Knob controls the S950’s infamous steep low-pass filter. Use it on separate elements, or on any output bus or master section.

The Mono switch button is for mono operation (as the original S950) with a 50/50 mix. Great for checking your mix.

The RX950 isn’t an app that’s going to appeal to everyone, but for some users it will be a joy to hear that it’s arrived. If it’s your bag then that’s awesome. If not, then probably just move along and there’ll be another audio unit along soon enough.

RX950 costs just $1.99 on the app store now