Korg Gadget is one of the most popular iOS workstations around. I think that’s only fair to say, and Korg have made a very good job of making Gadget work with just about everything (ok not everything, and I know that there are obvious things mission), but, it does play well with other apps in terms of Ableton Link. It also connects to Allihoopa for sharing, so I think you can say that Korg are taking on board what people want.

In version 3.6 of Gadget, Korg have taken a very interesting step indeed. The latest gadget to be added to your library is Stockholm by Reason. As Korg puts it, “Stockholm by Reason is a gadgetized version of the Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player”. What’s most interesting here is not just where this comes from, but where it goes next.

Of course it’s great to see this kind of collaboration to bring creatively useful tools into an app like Gadget that is already packed with great devices. It’s excellent to see two forward thinking companies in the music technology industry bringing what they’re best at to the table and making something together that works for users. Personally I hope that this is just a beginning and not a one off by any means

Which neatly takes me to the “Where next” point. Is it just the start, as I (and hopefully you) wish? If it is the beginning, who else might we see bringing their synths to Gadget. It’s going to be fun to speculate, that’s for sure. I can think of a few that I’d like to see available inside of Gadget, and, what’s more, at Gadget prices too.

I think that this is a good and bold step for both of them. I hope it’s a beginning. If it isn’t, then I’ll certainly be a little disappointed. If it is, the sky’s the limit.

Also in version 3.6 (iOS) they’ve added a few other fixes etc.

  • MIDI External Sync behavior has been improved.
  • Vancouver gadget SPACE FX APOLLO has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue that crashes when iCloud Drive files are deleted.
  • Other enhancements to make Gadget easier to use.

Finally, not only is Gadget on sale, but so are all of Korg’s iOS offerings, through to the 8th of August.

For now, Korg Gadget and IAPs are all half price

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