I’ve talked about Pacemaker before. They’ve been around in the mobile world for quite a while now, long before iOS. Of course their hardware is a thing of the past. But their app is a thing of beauty, and it keeps getting better. In their latest release on iOS they’ve brought us a new collaboration feature allowing users to co-create a mixtape together.

With their collaboration feature all you need to do is to hit the new ‘Collaborate’ button in the mix view and invite your friends to start creating. Using the new feature you can add tracks, edit transitions and give you co-creator feedback through comments. When you are collectively ready, you can publish your masterpiece to the Pacemaker community, and all of the collaborators will be displayed as creators.

What’s more, in this release they’ve added a lot of AI improvements to the app. Now your favourite tracks that previously ended up on the wrong side of things might now be mixable. Funk, rock and other organic genres should also now mix much better. Very AI.

Pacemaker is free on the app store