BeepStreet have been responsible for some excellent iOS apps from early on in the mobile music world. Apps like Zeeon, Sunrizer, Impaktor, and of course iSequence HD. Their latest app is going to get you to turn your synth into a singing robot. Well, let’s see how that goes.

DerVoco is a vintage vocoder emulation. DerVoco uses analog modelled components including filters, envelope followers and companders to create a warm vintage sound instead of digital techniques like FFT.


  • AUv3 Audio Effect and Audio Music Effect, works in all AUv3 compatible hosts.
  • Internal polyphonic VCO may be used as a carrier and can be controlled via MIDI, when plugin is loaded as AU MFx.
  • In special “input mode” carrier and modulator signals are mixed in left and right channels of stereo input signal. This way any synth plugin (e.g. Zeeon) may be used as a carrier signal.
  • 11 or 15 bands with onscreen equalizer.
  • Controllable filter resonance makes the sound smooth or sharp and ringing.
  • Built in compressor and noise gate.
  • Optimised to the limits: 60 filters take 4% CPU on latest iPads.

64-bit iPad or iPhone is required.

DerVoco is a universal iOS AUv3 app and costs $4.99 in the app store now