Roli’s Noise app has seen a constant flow of useful updates for musicians over the last few years. My favourite update was when Roli added overdub, which made the app so much more creatively interesting for me. But it isn’t just updates that have made their Noise app something to return to, it’s also the wide variety of content that Roli has brought to their app, and with this latest soundpack they’ve brought the sounds of India’s greatest classical instruments through a new pack called “Colours of India”, which is the result of a groundbreaking project sponsored by legendary composer A.R. Rahman and students at his KM Music Conservatory.

Instruments like the veena, nadaswaram, bansuri flute, and tabla drums will be available as digital samples for music makers to play in ROLI’s mobile and desktop applications. The samples recreate the deep, rich expression of these acoustic instruments, opening a path for India’s musical heritage to enter the world of electronic sound.

“I wanted to share these sounds through ROLI’s sound library because it will inspire new music,” said A.R. Rahman, the celebrated composer, at today’s premiere performance in Chennai of the first piece created with the soundpack. “I hope this soundpack inspires everyone to make great music and also introduces you to the magic of Indian sounds.”

“Colours of India” was created by students at KM Music Conservatory, the Chennai institution that Mr. Rahman founded to teach the next generation of Indian musicians. KMMC students recorded hundreds of hours of performances on instruments like the ancient jaltarang and the nadaswaram, a Tamil wind instrument that has fascinated jazz musicians worldwide.

The pack itself contains 10 sounds, “Colours of India” is available in ROLI’s NOISE app for iOS. For desktop users there are also Veena, jaltarang, bansuri flute, and nadaswaram sounds available in Equator, ROLI’s soft synth.

“Colours of India” is available to purchase in the NOISE Soundpack Store for $6.99 (450 rupees).

Roli’s Noise app is available for free on the app store: