Aleksandar Mlazev has brought us a number of interesting iOS apps, my favourite of which is Jack the beat maker, but today he’s brought us Little Rocker – distortion. Like all of Aleksandar Mlazev’s apps Little Rocker – distortion looks a lot like all of the others. He seems to favour a very consistent style of interface. Which is fine.

Little Rocker – distortion is explained by its developer as:

Whole guitar sound with innovative distortion effect, speaker simulation and reverb. You can control the speaker simulation mode using a slider. The effect has huge amount of low end and a nice smooth sound.
Little Rocker can work as an audio unit effect AUv3 and also as a stand alone app so you will need nothing more than this app and a connection to your guitar to rock hard.

The virtual speaker is not a simple impulse response simulation but a complex algorithm adding resonances and multiple phase changes to the signal.


  • Gain
  • Level
  • MOD – virtual speaker mode.
  • Reverb

Little Rocker – distortion costs $4.99 on the app store now