Mazetools Soniface is one of those apps that’s been something of an enigma to me since it launched. It looks really interesting, but I’ve never got my head around it. Its latest update brings a bunch of changes that could make it easier to use and more accessible too. Here’s what’s new in version 1.92:

  • Improved interface design and usage mechanics.
  • Added native sharing for recorded sounds and songs.
  • Added 4th drum sound xy parameter for sub wave in addiditive and fm mode.
  • Massively improved and noise reduced realtime drum sound generation.
  • Added reverb and room effect seperation for drums and sampler module.
  • Added master pitch and volume for drum synthesizer.
  • Extended randomize function for drum sound channels.
  • Added Touch-Cue playing of samples.
  • Added a reverse function, that now is only available for the samples of the built-in library.
  • Fixed sets and mazes initialisation issues.

Mazetools Soniface is available on the app store and costs $14.99: