Xequence MIDI Workstation has had a big update and introduces a new module called PolyHymnia. This is apparently a musical, engaging and fun generative music module right that lives right inside the app’s Pianoroll editor. You can find it in the new “+” menu in the bottom toolbar (which also contains the new Clipboard options).

Here’s what to expect from PolyHymnia:

  • Advanced, fully configurable algorithms.
  • Separately editable generators for note pitch, length, distance, velocity, and polyphony.
  • Single notes or chords with adjustable, intelligent polyphony.
  • Sophisticated one-tap auto-generation of algorithm settings, either global for all note characteristics, or separately for pitch, length, distance or velocity.
  • Visual selection of desired pitch range by simply zooming / scrolling in the Pianoroll editor.
  • Fully live and interactive, all parameter changes reflected immediately.
  • All PolyHymnia settings automatically stored and recalled per part: generated melodies and their settings can be edited at any later time.
  • Full Undo and Redo for all PolyHymnia parameter edits.
  • Live visualization of algorithms with LEDs.
  • All features can be used for free, however to actually keep and edit the generated sequences, a one-time In-App Purchase is required (SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE for a limited time!).

Here’s what else is new in this version of Xequence:

  • Pianoroll: Global Clipboard support. Notes and controller data can now be copied and pasted between arbitrary positions inside a part, between parts, or even between projects. Accessed via the new Clipboard (“+”) menu in the bottom left corner of the Pianoroll editor.
  • Keyboard / Drum pads: Much better handling of key and drum pad retriggers: When a key or drum pad is touched with a second finger while the first is still touching it, the current note will be sliced (triggered again) at that point.
  • Files can now be sorted by date.

Other improvements to Xequence:

  • Keyboard: In “Key slide” control mode, recorded controller data is now left unquantized by default.
  • Note velocities are now visible for selected notes (different shades of grey).
  • “Insert empty part” now uses the loop points if the song loop is active.
  • Better MIDI response when editing notes while playhead is moving.
  • The “+” button next to the rightmost instrument on the instruments screen now adds the new instrument with default settings, not with the settings of the rightmost instrument.
  • General performance and user interface improvements.


  • Fix problem with deleting soloed tracks.
  • Fix jumping controller values when multiple controllers were in “Slide” mode.

Xequence is on the app store and costs $6.99 right now: