n-Track 8 Pro is one of the less well known of the iOS DAWs, but one that is definitely worth checking out as it’s actually a very capable app, and one that’s universal, which isn’t something that many of the alternatives can say. In fact n-Track 8 Pro is really quite exceptional in many ways, and if you’re looking for something more versatile on your iPhone it could be exactly what you need.

Anyway, for now I’ll focus on what’s new in n-Track 8 Pro. Version 1.2 of the app brings us a new browser for instruments and plenty more besides. Here’s what’s new:

New instrument browser to select the external and internal instruments
Improved the n-Track instruments library
New addon manager to download more instruments for free
New screen controller for n-Track drums with classic and electronic layout
New looping part mode allows to loop a trimmed part
Improved GUI for AU instruments
New timeline edit menu (iPhone)
New auto-expand track option
Widget improvements
Audiobus 3 support
Minor other improvements and bug fixes

It’s a good update.

n-Track 8 Pro is on the app store for $29.99: