I’ve been a fan of Figure for a long time. It did a lot for changing the face of music making on iOS and was key in getting more people to make music on the iPhones. I’m also pleased to have played a very small part in that journey too as you can read in this comment from Kalle who was a part of the team that released Figure.

Since its first release it has moved on but I don’t think that there was been the kind of radical shift that Figure promised from its initial launch. The latest version of Figure is all about Allihoopa, their music sharing and remixing service. When Allihoopa first launched I was a little skeptical, and whilst it has grown I still think it’s got a long way to go, but this update helps.

Here’s what they’ve got to say about the latest version of Figure:

We’re happy to present the new Figure! Figure now integrates with the Allihoopa app, so it’s easier than ever to access the community and find great pieces to remix.

  • Now you can just tap ‘Allihoopa’ inside of figure and be taken straight into the Allihoopa app itself
  • Allihoopa have update the ‘Drop’ flow to make it smoother and also more consistent with other apps that are connected to Allihoopa. I’m not entirely sure that this is better though, and I think I preferred the old version. Consistency isn’t always progress in my view, but then that’s just my opinion
  • Apparently there’ll be no more push notifications from Figure itself, instead these will all now come from the Allihoopa app instead, which should be better

So it isn’t a huge update, and so far there have been no additional developers added to the Allihoopa family, nor have Allihoopa made the service open, which is still somewhat perplexing.

Figure is free on the app store:

Allihoopa is also free on the app store: