There are many synth apps available for your iOS device, but modular synths are a much rarer beast. So when one of them gets even a small update I think it’s worth talking about. There are only a few iOS modulars, and they all deal with modularity in slightly different ways, some, like Moog’s Model 15 have a very literal, or perhaps skeuomorphic approach to the user interface. Others take a much more iOS specific approach. Ops has an easy to interface that makes getting started with modular synthesis quite simple.

Before going into what’s new, here’s a brief reminder from the developer of what Ops is about:

Ops is a modular synthesiser designed to make it easy to create and explore sound interactively with a touch screen. Ops does away with patch cords, instead using a system of connected blocks with a clear signal flow.

In version 1.1.1

  • sample record and playback ops (ops being the name for a module)
  • play and edit structures at the same time (making the app far more useful)
  • full undo/redo
  • user interface improvements
  • merge load
  • Boolean and more maths ops

Ops is available on the app store for $9.99: