Kai Aras has delivered a lot of very good iOS apps including effects like RF-1 and RP-1, and control apps like ThereMIDI, to name a few. The latest addition to this portfolio is VC-1 – Multi Stage Chorus. I’m a bit of a fan of all things chorus, so this appeals to me on lots of levels. Partly because I think I’ve loved the sound of a good chorus from a very young age, and also because the idea of a multi-stage chorus could do some really novel things in my iOS set up. I feel some experimentation coming on.

To start with here’s a quick run down of what VC-1 is all about from the developer:

VC-1 is a flexible, vintage voiced chorus effect capable of delivering many classic chorus sounds but it doesn’t stop there. Featuring several true stereo algortihms with up to 3 chorus stages per channel, parallel & serial configurations, a 3 band split input section and much more VC-1 offers almost endless posibilites for new, extreme or unconventional effects.

* 3 unique chorus models (Analog, Digital, Vintage Digital)
* Up to 3 chorus stages in either serial or parallel configuration
* Modulation via sine LFO or lowpass noise
* Fixed 3 band split input section and +/-6db shelving filters at the output
* Advanced Dimension D style stereo coupling
* Stereo Animator & true stereo processing throughout

1. Analog
Warm sounding analog voiced chorus utilizing a BBD (bucket brigade delay) emulation and Dimension-D style cross-coupling.

2. Digital
Bright & modern sounding digital chorus (full bandwith).

3. Vintage Digital
Dark & noisy vintage voiced digital chorus (10khz bandwidth / 12bit processing).

– Audio Unit Extension
– Inter-App Audio Effect
– Audiobus 3 (Filter)
– Ableton Link
– USB Audio
– MIDI Control (Network, USB, Bluetooth)

VC-1 is on the app store now and costs $5.99: