Since Roli launched their Noise app back in December 2015 they’ve consistently brought updates to it. They now refer to it as an instrument and a studio all in one, and I guess that it is. You can use Noise all by itself as a stand alone app for making music, and if you have a device with 3D Touch then you’ll get even more out it. If you have any of Roli’s Blocks units then the app is even more useful.

In this latest release Roli have added:

  • New Tutorial Videos located in the new Learn tab in Discover where you can get tips and tricks suggest as how to play and record loops
  • New Extended Tool Tips Roli have now added these throughout the app so if you ever get stuck, all you need to do is to just tap the ‘?’ icon to learn what’s what

Plus they’ve added a few other improvements and fixes include:

  • Updated accounts settings page to show which account you are logged in with
  • Fixed pitch range issue with drum sounds
  • Fixed issue with undo during overdubbing
  • Various other small bug fixes

Roli’s Noise app is free on the app store with an in app store for content packs