SynthScaper is one of 3 experimental music apps from iMusicAlbum, the other two being FieldScaper and SoundScaper (both worth checking out by the way). In version 1.3 of SynthScaper, the developer added a new tool, Designer, which was for iPad only initially. Designer is intended to automatically generate and tweak new presets and scenes. Using a neural network the Designer generates new presets based on already existing presets by adding some random variations and checking the result so that the new preset remains similar to the selected pattern.

This update (version 1.4) adds the Designer tool to iPhone version.

Also in this update:

  • Added new scenes and presets.
  • Added a lot of new samples in the built-in library.
  • The Designer tool now available for iPhone version.
  • Improved the option autotune for samples.
  • Optimization for use on iPhone X.
  • Audiobus SDK updated.
  • Several minor bugs were fixed.

SynthScaper is available on the app store and costs $14.99