You can’t have enough audio units right? Or at least it certainly seems that way these days. Now there’s a new AUv3, Stereo Modulator is an effect that converts mono sound into stereo sound, with an adjustable width and also optional stereo modulation.

The app works by using a bank of randomised stereo de-correlators that apply micro-delays into the sound and also introduce random differences between the spectrums of the left and the right audio channels. In its output we hear a natural sense of space that is not present in the original mono recording. It’s similar to the sound space one gets from using a stereo reverb plugin except that it is tight and clear, without any feeling of echo.

It can operate either as a static effect or it can be gently modulated by a low-frequency oscillator. The modulation is best compared to the sound you might get from using a Leslie speaker, except that there’s no impact to the pitch, so the output remains focused and tuning is not compromised, which is a big plus in my book.

This effect can be especially useful for mixing electric guitars together with vocals. Using Stereo Modulator on the guitars, we can push them out to the sides, creating a space in the centre for the vocal to cut through, without needing to reduce the volume of the guitars.

Stereo Modulator is available on the app store now and costs $4.99