Notation has been around for a while on iOS and has been very useful to anyone who has a need for scoring. Symphony Pro has been around for 6 years now and has been continuously developed as an all round solution for notation on an iPad. In its latest incarnation Symphony Pro has really taken notation to the next level with support for the Apple Pencil for both writing & editing. What’s more it also now supports writing with touch and capacitive stylus. This is now the only paid feature in Symphony Pro, and this upgrade is a one-time purchase with free updates in the future.

Symphony Pro can now instantly convert pen strokes into all fundamental note objects, including stems, rests, beams, ties, and augmentation dots. The app can lasso a selection of notes and other musical elements.

Also in Symphony Pro 5 the basic instrumentation of the app has been updated. I never thought it was too bad in the first place, but now it boasts professionally sound-designed replacements to 36 of the orchestral, wind, and drum set instruments, as well as the piano. The latest version also sports improved expression playback, including tremolo, trill, glissando, crescendo, and more.

Whilst I appreciate the complexity of notation and just how this app has developed, I have to admit that some of it is lost on me. The latest version also introduces customize Rehearsal Mark text. You can now just double-tap the label in the score, then choose Edit Section Text.

There’s even more in this version. but without going into detail. Here are the headlines:

  • Score layout & Notation
  • Gesture Shortcuts for Touch & Apple Pencil
  • Score Symbols
  • Part Management
  • iPhone Universal app
  • Qwerty Keyboard Shortcuts & Accessibility
  • Drum Set Notation
  • Configure Meter & Customize Beam Groups
  • Tablature

Symphony Pro 5 costs $14.99 on the app store now: