ThumbJam is an amazingly popular app that’s been a favourite of users in education and disability arts since it first arrived in 2009. Since then it’s had fairly regular updates and continues to respond to the requests of users. ThumbJam provides users with a highly expressive and configurable instrument that can be used to perform in almost any context. Here’s what’s new in version 2.6.

– Added Audiobus 3 support, including MIDI Filter for Scale Lock, and with individual MIDI receive/senders (per instrument slot)
– Added CC bindings for Delete Last Loop (CC 76), and Delete All Loops (CC 77)
– Added support for iPhone X, because why not

– Fixed possible crash on opening create instrument
– Preserve manual setting of live audio monitor setting when connected in an Audiobus output slot
– Make audio input monitoring button work the first time
– Fixed midi sysex handling bug causing potential crashes
– Fixed continuum mode midi output

If you don’t know ThumbJam then now is a very good time to get acquainted with this versatile app. You’ll be really quite amazed with what can be achieved with one simple app.

ThumbJam costs $8.99 on the app store now: