Xequence MIDI Workstation refers to itself as an advanced linear MIDI Sequencer and Keyboard / Controller. It’s universal app, so it runs on both iPhone and iPad, and if MIDI control is your thing then it’s probably an app you should take a closer look at. Xequence’s latest update brings a wealth of new features, the biggest of which is a new drum maps IAP, but that’s not all, version 1.6 significantly improves the app in a number of other areas and makes it a very compelling controller.

Here’s all that’s new:

DRUM MAPS (In-App Purchase):

  • Every instrument can now have a fully customizable drum map (up to 8×8 or 64 pads, any other sizes like 3×4 or 5×2 etc. are also supported).
  • Access drum maps by tapping the former “Dual keyboard” toggle button at the bottom left of the keyboard screen, and selecting the pads icon.
  • Drum maps can be edited via drag and drop
  • Drum pads support positional velocity sensitivity (highly configurable), and glide from pad to pad
  • Drum names are shown instead of notes in the pianoroll editor.
  • Various layout editing functions like flip, compact, etc.
  • Preset system: Drum map layouts can be saved and retrieved across projects and devices.
  • 9 factory map presets included, more in a free update.


  • Over 70 new scales from all around the world added.
  • Enhanced scale selector, organized into 10 categories and with visualization of current scale.


  • Selectable linear or S-shaped velocity curves.
  • New controller input mode “Key position”: When enabled, sets the controller value when a key is struck, depending on the vertical position on the key. Fully configurable modes and curves. Very useful and expressive, especially if a synth doesn’t support mapping velocity to a control.
  • New controller input mode “Key slide”: When enabled, the controller’s value can be changed by moving your finger up and down while holding a key. Fully configurable modes and curves. Again, lots of expressive possibilities. This mode can also be combined with the aforementioned “Key position” for even more control.


  • “Auto-add controllers” option (enabled by default). When recording via MIDI and receiving a controller (CC) that does not yet exist on the current instrument, it will be automatically added.
  • Added “Prevent display lock” option to settings.


  • Keyboard: Changed the way the keyboard mode (scroll, glide, locked) is selected (reduced to two toggle buttons).
  • Keyboard: Added Undo and Redo buttons in the bottom toolbar, no more switching back and forth while recording.
  • Various user interface improvements.
  • Various optimizations to make the app even faster and more resource efficient.


  • Controller editor: Velocities sometimes didn’t update immediately while playing after changing them in “Draw” mode.
  • Keyboard: Fix occasional wrong note velocities when playing chords.
  • Fix wrong display of project names that contain dots.

Xequence is available on the app store and costs $4.99 (IAPs for Drum Maps, unlimited tracks, and up to 12 controllers)

It’s worth checking out this video of the very first version of the app to get a feel for it, although it has moved on from there quite a bit now.