Only yesterday I was posting about another new from Aleksandar Mlazev, REMAKE, and now here’s another, Alien Box.

Aleksandar claims that Alien Box is a completely new kind of audio effect that you have never heard before, which is a very big claim indeed. According to him it makes the “sound big and slightly increases the sustain while adding gentle vibes to it”, although I’m not quite sure that I can imagine what that’s like or what I would actually want that for.

Apparently in the app the vibes are LFO modulated and the effect uses a very complex resonator system to achieve the effect. Also according to Aleksandar it’s a modulation effect that you might want to compare to a flanger, phaser or chorus but it is not like any of them, which isn’t too helpful really. I guess that if it really is that new then it’ll be very difficult to put into words what it actually does.

Unfortunately Alien Box looks remarkably like many of Aleksandar’s other apps as the pretty much all seem to share very similar UI elements. This makes it even more difficult to fathom what the app does or get a sense of what it might do for you.

Alien Box is an Audio Unit Effect AUv3 so it can be used inside GarageBand or any other AU host that you favour. The app can also run as in stand alone mode adding this new effect to the audio input of your choice, so you can play your guitar, bass or synth directly through the app if you have the right connector to do it.

Alien Box features the following controls:

– Gain – you can use it increase the gain and sustain
– Vibe – main tone and background vibes balance
– Depth – controls the modulations depth
– Reverb – adds reverb to the background vibes

Alien Box is available on the app store and costs $2.99: