Luis Felipe Vieira Damiani has brought us quite a few unusual AUv3 plugins for iOS. Apps like Nimbus AU, Ringabell AU, and Csound on iOS app RunloopSound. Now he’s brought another AUv3, Moonshine AU.

This is a stereo granulator effect that works both as an AUv3 plugin, and as a standalone iOS app. If you’re not familar with the term, granulation is the process of taking tiny snapshots of your sound at random deviations from a certain position in time, then combining those grains to form anything from rhythmic patterns to dense and involving clouds of sound.

The effect can also add some shimmer to a vocal track, act as an out-of-the-box guitar delay, or be used to transform synth sounds into the most uncanny and very interesting pads.

Moonshine AU features 13 parameters per channel, including four parameters to automate the interval at which grains are triggered, in a total massive 26 parameters to tweak and make totally original sounds. All that within the comfort of your preferred digital audio workstation on iOS.

Moonshine AU is a universal app and costs $5.99: