It’s always great when an app that was fun and useful turns out not to be abandoned, but it feels even better with Yellofier. I’m glad that Mr Blank has got the app updated and kept relevant. Of course, I’d like to see lots more, but after 3 years with no update at all I’m grateful for just knowing it isn’t gone. It’s a start anyway.

I can’t say the same for the Yellofier site, which seems to have vanished for now at least. Perhaps it’ll be back up and running in due course now that the app has seen a fresh lick of paint. I’ll check back over the next few days, and if it does resurface I’ll tweet something about it.

But you’re probably wondering what’s in this update, and that’s a fair question. It isn’t huge though, and a little light on detail in some areas. Here’s what’s new:

Yellofier is back! Now ready to create amazing songs with iOS 11.

The original Yellofier soundbanks are now remastered for the modern age, and as an added bonus two extras have been unearthed from the Yello archives.

Update details:
– two new factory soundbanks
– updated Audiobus and AudioShare compatibility
– improved audio quality for Bluetooth speakers and headphones
– fixed audio distortion exhibited on some newer devices
– built for iOS 11

So, not great on details. I’d like to know that it’s AudioBus 3, but I’ll take that as read for now. It would have been nice to see some new-ish features, but maybe they’ll come in future updates. I live in hope.

For now, it’s time to give Yellofier another try out, and if you don’t know the app, then give it some space on your iOS device. It’s only $2.99 after all, and hey, it’s Yello!

Yellofier on the app store:

If you want to see a little more, here’s a video of Yellofier too …