If you don’t know Sunvox, then let me start by saying that it is one of the most cross platform apps I know of. It runs on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Windows Mobile (not the current version of Sunvox, to be clear), and there’s even an old version that runs on Palm OS. In fact I’ve probably missed off a couple of platforms too. But to illustrate my point …

Whilst nosing around Alex’s site I found a few more pictures that I liked, such as this one. Can you name the Palm OS PDA in the picture?

And finally, this picture, which is a personal favourite, mainly as I took it, in a pub, on the way home one evening, and had a very pleasant time with my Dell Axim Windows Mobile PDA and Sunvox.

Anyway, Sunvox has been around for a while now, and is the brain child of Alexander Zolotov who has also brought us amazing app such as Virtual ANS, PixiTracker, and Quantum VJ HD. He’s also branched out into hardware more recently with Quantum VJ and DJ. If that wasn’t enough he’s also created a programming language called PixiLang too.

But rather than try to tell you about everything all in one go, for now I’ll limit myself to a letting you know what’s in version 1.9.3b of Sunvox. So, here’s what’s new:

  • iOS 7 support has been dropped;
  • Audiobus 3 support (with MIDI);
  • sound engine optimization;
  • MIDI IN options has beed added to the Module Properties: here you can change the MIDI IN channel and the mode (receive MIDI commands “when the module selected” or “always”);
  • the biggest Sampler update since 2008;
  • Sampler: click removal algorithm (between two notes on the same channel, or during the sharp note cutoff);
  • Sampler: added four new envelopes to control the effect (with polyphony support), which is one of the built-in SunVox modules; so you can choose almost any SunVox module (for example, Filter or MetaModule), and it will be stored inside the Sampler;
  • Sampler: new option “Ignore velocity for volume”;
  • Sampler (sample editor): new loop parameter – Sustain; when enabled, loop will be finished after the Note OFF;
  • Sampler (sample editor): deeper zoom;
  • Sampler (sample editor): Crossfade Loop effect has been added into the menu;
  • Sampler (envelope editor): unlimited envelope length, unlimited number of envelope points;
  • Sampler (envelope editor): point info display has been added; press it to show/hide the additional buttons for precise point control;
  • Sampler (envelope editor): new envelope parameters: Gain, Velocity influence;
  • Sampler (envelope editor): new envelopes: Pitch, Effect Controller;
  • MetaModule: new option “Event output”; when enabled, the MetaModule can output events (Note ON/OFF, Set Pitch, etc.) from the internal Output module; see the examples metamodule_arpeggiator3/4;
  • MetaModule: effect 07 (set sample offset by percentage) is now supported too; you can use it to jump to the specified location within the MetaModule-project;
  • MetaModule: new mode “play without repeat” has been added to the “Play patterns” controller;
  • Filter, Filter Pro, Flanger, LFO, Vibrato: current LFO phase is visible now (on the “Set phase” controller);
  • Filter, Filter Pro, Flanger, LFO, Vibrato: the incoming notes (Note ON commands) reset the LFO phase to “Set phase” value;
  • MultiSynth: new option “Trigger” (ignore Note OFF commands; the new note turns off the old note with the same pitch);
  • MultiSynth: new controller “Curve2 influence” (mix between the linear (default) and the user-drawn curve2);
  • Reverb: new controller “Random seed”;
  • LFO: new controller “Generator” (always generate a signal, even if the input is empty);
  • LFO: triangle waveform;
  • Pattern Editor: new function “Place evenly” (place events evenly in the selected area);
  • new project parameter – “Time grid2” (the higher-level grid, number of time grid cells);
  • “Randomize controllers” can now be canceled through the UNDO;
  • lists of the recent files and folders have been added to the file browser; you can disable it in the Preferences -> Interface;
  • “Resize” button has been added to the musical keyboard in the file browser (when the Preview is enabled);
  • Preferences -> Main: new button “Log” (show/save SunVox log);
  • Preferences -> Interface: new option “Zoom buttons” (hide/show zoom in/out buttons);
  • Preferences -> Interface -> Color theme: ability to manually adjust the four primary colors (c_0, c_1, c_2, c_3);
  • new instruments and effects (see the folders instruments and effects);
  • new examples: NightRadio – Reach for the Stars, Transient – Can It Be Beautiful;
  • new simple examples: sampler effect envelopes, metamodule_arpeggiator3, metamodule_arpeggiator4;
  • user manual update: http://www.warmplace.ru/wiki/doku.php?id=sunvox:manual_en;
  • bug fixes: note hang in Glide, broken virtual MIDI IN port in iOS, problems with Wi-Fi Export/Import, etc.

Sunvox is on the app store now and costs $5.99: