Some of you will remember that I work with a London charity called Heart n Soul, and this year they turn 30 years old. Heart n Soul does amazing work empowering people with learning disabilities to discover and develop their musical talent. I’ve been working with Heart n Soul for around four years now in helping to find interesting technologies for artists at Heart n Soul to explore.

To celebrate 30 years of this work Heart n Soul have launched an installation called ‘The Big 30’ which is really worth taking a look at. What’s more we’re going to be celebrating this Friday with live music and lots of great technology to play with.

Some come along and play with …

  • Novation
  • Amplify Novation
  • The Bela Team
  • Studio Amplify
  • Do It Kits
  • DADA Machines
  • Hackoustic

Plus loads of live music. It’s going to be fun, I’ll be there, so come and join us and say hello!