MOTU 828 mkII Audio Interface Goes USB 2.0: Whither FireWire?

MOTU, long a big advocate of FireWire for audio, announced this week it will offer its 828 mk II interface in a USB 2.0 version. They’ll continue to offer the FireWire version, and the two interfaces offer the same features and performance, so the choice is really a matter of what computer connections you have […]

Happy Birthday, Doppler! Sounds, Sights, and Software of the Doppler Effect

November 29 is the 205th birthday anniversary of Christian Doppler, the Austrian mathematician and physicist who hypothesized what’s now called the Doppler Effect. (You know, that effect when an ambulance or other fast-moving vehicle flies by and the perceived pitch changes.) That calls for Doppler trivia, astrophysics, audio software, and a drink. In celebration, go […]

PAiA Synth Kit Founder John Simonton Has Died

I’m saddened to learn that John Simonton, synthesizer kit pioneer and founder of synth kit maker PAiA Electronics, has died. Simonton broke ground by bringing synthesis to the tinkerer, in an affordable, kit form. He’s considered by some to be the “Godfather of DIY synths.” There’s already a blog devoted to memories of Mr. Simonton […]

Linux Music: Fervent Releases Studio to Go! Download Edition

The folks at Fervent Software have released a much-requested download edition of their tweaked Linux music distro, Studio-to-Go. Basically, it’s the same as the CD version, only you can get that instant gratification feeling. More importantly, Fervent is working on a Linux audio forum — much needed, as even modern desktop Linux can raise questions […]

Linux Music: LMMS, Linux’s Own “Fruity Loops”?

Sure, we’ve heard lots of promises about Linux audio before, but until Linux gets a killer app for actual music making, what’s the point? Enter LMMS, the Linux MultiMedia Studio. LMMS is a loop-friendly, all-in-one tracker / sequencer / groove-maker with built-in instruments, a la FL Studio (aka Fruity Loops) on Windows. In contrast to […]

RozzBox Synth: Box, Knobs, Sequencers, 4-op FM

Attention, fans of boxes with knobs: I haven’t abandoned you. Especially not when boutique synths seem to be all the rage. Here’s the latest, via Gearjunkies: L.L. Electronics RozzBox [non-German readers, just click specs] No plastic here: aluminum with maple sides. Inside, you’ll find a 4-operator FM synth with adjustable glide (looks like you could […]

Xbox 360 Launch: A New Digital Music Platform is Born

Xbox 360 is here — and with it has brought major hype, major shortages, and armed robbery of new systems. We’re going to assume that must mean it’s a big deal. Resident gaming expert W. Brent Latta looks at what the Xbox 360 might mean for digital music with a roundup of past coverage. But […]

Fender’s Keychain Pocket Tuner; Guitar Tuner Roundup

You’ve officially lost your excuse for being out of tune. Thanks to the wonders of modern science, you can now tune with your: iPod, via iRocker Mac/PC guitar effects software using tools like the built-in tuner included in Guitar Rig 4-track digital recorder thanks to Korg’s D4 Portable audio recorder using the built-in tuner included […]

Lounge Lizard EP-3 Modeled Electric Piano Coming Soon

Updates to favorite keyboard soft synths — always a good thing. In addition to looking forward to Native Instruments’ sequel to their B4 organ synth, another modeled-instrument fave is getting a big upgrade soon: Lounge Lizard EP-3 The current Lounge Lizard is already a joy to play: Applied Acoustics nails the feel and sound of […]

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

To our American readers, a very Happy Thanksgiving! And to everyone else, we’ll be having an extra slice of pumpkin pie for you. Synthesizer lovers, yes, you can find Thanksgiving music arranged for synthesizers. God Bless the Internet. But Thanksgiving has another deep significance for us at CDM: it’s a celebration of lip-syncing. Or, at […]