Reason 3’s Combinator, Explained on O’Reilly; More Reason Resources

Jim Aikin, synth madman, sound guru, and my book’s tech editor (meaning he’s the only one keeping me accurate and sane), takes the Combinator under the microscope in a tutorial for O’Reilly. If you thought the Combinator was just a way of combining modules into combis (single instrumental patches), you’re missing a lot — this […]

LifeFills “Point-Five”: Updated Content for Ableton Live 5

Ableton has finally packed some great presets into Live 5, but it’s a far cry from the amount of instrumental/sample and effects content built into something like Reason. That’s why we’re such great fans of Track Team Audio and their libraries of additional content for Live. Live 5 totally changes how presets work (that’s a […]

Korg D4 Compact Flash Four-Track USB Portable Recorder

Up in the sky: it’s a Zoom! It’s a 4-track Portastudio! No, it’s a CompactFlash-based 4-track recorder from Korg. Yes, the march of CF-based recorders continues. Hot on the heels of last week’s look at sub-$400 recorders, here’s another one — with a twist. The Korg D4 is a “complete portable studio,” not just a […]

Musical Widgets Pt. V: Circle of Fifths, Now in Clock Form (Mac)

Ever wished you could see the Circle of Fifths (aka Circle of Fourths) displayed on your clock? Well, now you can. And you can even click individual keys to see key signatures, just in case y— hey, wait a minute! Speaking as a sometimes-theory teacher, are you telling me you haven’t learned your keys yet? […]

Chicken Little Toy, Remixed into a DJ

The crew at Remix Magazine got a chance to (literally) remix a Disney Chicken Little toy; they’ve posted the process and results. So what gear does DJ Chicken Little use? Pioneer CDJ-1000 Allen & Heath Xone mixer Virus Indigo keyboard PowerBook G4 running Ableton Live Hmm, absurdly cute, gets all the “young hens,” and has […]

Best Widgets for Music: Roundup in Review

Overwhelmed as I am by the absurd number of widgets for Macs and Windows that whizzed through the site over the past days? Me, too. Here’s a look back to keep it all straight: Part I: For Konfabulator — onetonnemusic roundup, drum pad/pattern machine; For Dashboard: Guitar Chords, Oblique Strategies, Symphonic for iTunes Part II: […]

The Res: Multiplayer Mac Music with 6 NES Controllers [Updated]

Getting people uninhibited enough to sit down and play with game controllers: easy. (Well, among geeks, anyway) Getting them to play music together: hard. So, the solution by Benjamin Gaulon, aka Recyclism: hook some NES controllers into a Mac running Max/MSP and let them play that way. Hit the project section to find videos of […]

Keyboard Lite: Novation ReMOTE LE + Bass Plugin

Novation’s hardware feels fantastic, and it’s finally shipping in quantity. Harmony Central reports Novation is packing some of the best things about the company’s high-end keyboards into a lighter, smaller, cheaper LE 25-key keyboard to be shown at AES here in NYC, and shipping next month. The design looks great, totally clean, with everything I […]

Jitter 1.5 + Max/MSP 4.5.5: Major New Features Analyzed (Win/Mac)

We’ve been waiting for this for some time, and it’s finally here — a huge upgrade to Jitter, the data processing, realtime 3D/2D/video graphics powerhouse. Along the way, though, is a nifty upgrade for Max die-hards with lots of cool stuff hiding behind a 4.5.5 version upgrade. I can’t wait to get my hands on […]

Apple’s New Mouse: Good for Music?

So it turns out Apple can deal with a two-button mouse — so long as those buttons aren’t invisible. Meet Apple’s Mighty Mouse, peculiarly named after a cartoon. (Note to Apple: why not Danger Mouse? He’s the quickest! He’s the best! Etc.) So why is this mouse useful to musicians? Because Apple may finally have […]