Wireless NES Controller + Game Boy Music Emulation; Joystick History

Aydiosmio has instructions for hacking a vintage NES controller for wireless function, by ripping apart the guts of a Targus wireless keypad. Brilliant! (via MAKE:blog) Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Aside from making an interesting Max/MSP controller, this is perfect for controlling emulated Game Boy music, like LSDJ, which is available as a ROM […]

Calling Retro Music Fans: Nintendo Back Catalog to be Free

Everything old is new again: several sources are reporting Nintendo plans to make its back catalog of downloadable games free for its upcoming Revolution console. (Wow, without digging them out of the ground in Animal Crossing?) Revogaming even claims to have a preliminary list of what games will be available. You’ll have at least one […]

Almost Live WWDC Keynote Coverage: Earth-Shaking News from Apple?

CDM’s man in San Fran, Lee Sherman, is on-hand at the WWDC keynote to bring us the latest. We’ll know if there’s anything music-related, or anything related to an upcoming apocalypse (like Apple’s switching to Intel, or pre-installing Windows, or Dell is pre-installing OS X, or Apple is marking all machines with the mark of […]

WWDC Breaking: Apple to Add Podcasting to iTunes

Live from WWDC: Steve Jobs has announced that podcasting will be built into the next version of iTunes, and the iTunes Music Store will incorporate a podcast directory. Jobs calls the tech “Wayne’s World for radio” but notes that, of the 8,000 podcasts available, it’s not just amateurs. This is the “hottest thing going in […]

Breaking WWDC: Apple to Get Intel “Brain Transplant”

It’s true: Apple is making a transition to Intel processors because Jobs says Intel delivers better performance per watt, and IBM has let them down with no 3 GHz processor and no PowerBook G5. The transition will last “a few years” starting next year at this time with the first Intel-powered Macs. According to Jobs, […]

Macintel: What’s it Mean For Music and Pro App Developers?

Only Apple. Only Apple could pull off five years of secret underground development for a rival processor, while its marketing arm said something entirely different. Only Apple could spin dumping its major processor vendor as good news — and only Jobs could actually get philosophical about it. (The “universal binary symbol” is yin and yang? […]

Macintel: Developers on Windows Support, Xcode

In other Macintel news: What about Windows? Developer contacts tell CDM that they think in fact you’ll be able to run Windows apps alongside Mac apps, a la Xwindows. Just don’t expect a dual-boot machine; that would require Apple’s involvement (and they won’t go there.) And, of course, you’ll lose the advantages of the Mac […]

Rogue Amoeba Says Developer Reactions are “Shocked”, “Angry” — But Mostly, Waiting

More details are coming in about the Apple-Intel deal. Here’s the really short version: Incompatible with PCs: You’ll probably be able to run Windows and Intel-Linux (unsupported) on Apple’s new Macs, but Apple won’t let you run OS X on PC hardware. Big surprise: Apple wants your hardware cash. (See Apple’s Schiller to CNet.com) Transition […]

Completely Bogus PowerBook G5 Rumor

Remember when real rumors about Apple used to leak onto the Web? Now, all we get is this lame impression at a press release from someone’s Mac.com account. CDM prediction: when Apple does release new PowerBooks, they’ll spell “availability” correctly. Oh, and they’ll know how to punctuate the possessive “its.” (The site reads “availibility of […]

Reason 3 Reviewed

With Live 5 on its way, it’s a good time to consider Reason, which many people like to pair with Ableton’s host for additional instruments. Macworld has a review I wrote of Reason 3 available online in its entirety. The initial release date for the new Reason caused quite a stir here on CDM — […]