Recycling Alternatives: Build an Audio Igloo

Wondering what to do with all that useless audio gear? Try building a big igloo out of it in a church, "a new home: a habitat for listeners of avant-garde music." There's everything from old speakers to turntables in there. Neat. But creator Benoît Maubrey's description of the sounds from these retired pieces of gear […]

Make Music on Your Phone/PDA: Syntrax on Symbian

Our friends at Samplepoolz today have the scoop on a new version of the mobile music studio Syntrax for Symbian series 60 phones like the Nokia 66xx series and Qd phones. That adds to a number of existing mobile platforms. It's incredible what you can do with this thing: Syntrax is a fully-graphical real-time sequencer […]

“Get Found!”: New $50 Tool for Marketing Your Music

Could fifty bucks buy your band some serious exposure? Siren Systems tells the LA crowd at Music 2.0 it thinks the answer is yes, via new technologies that predict whether a listener will dig your new tune. Digital music distribution is clearly the wave of the future, but now the question is, will our music […]

Friendster for Your Music? CDM Talks to Siren Systems

Siren Systems fills us in on more details of today's announcement in a CDM interview. Check the press release, but the news boils down to this: US$50 buys you physical and online distribution plus promotion (just hope listeners dig your songs!), via CD Baby and its new flavors page and Soundflavor [see full CDM story] […]

Welcome, Gizmodo Readers!

Want to say hello to readers from Gizmodo as today we unveil my new weekly feature over there. I'll be rounding up the latest in music tech each week for Gizmodo, and doing my weekday coverage here. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think of this site if you're new; […]

Music Mash-Ups Tutorial, Using Free Traktion

paintingbynumbers has a full tutorial on creating mash-ups, remixes that combine two songs. This is a 'beginners' guide' but it's quite intense: author Philip Meehan covers everything from isolating beats to removing vocals via phase cancellation. It's inspiring enough to make me want to mash some of my own tracks. Best of all, the entire […]

Mac-Powered Punching Bag for DJs [Updated]

Sure, DJs could opt for products like Final Scratch that provide a traditional turntable interface for the computer, but why not . . . a punching bag? Version 2.0 of Max/MSP-powered SoundSlam lets you punch to trigger audio and even has a virtual trainer that coaches you as you go. Add a floor mat you […]

In-Time Tempo Tracking: New Mac Release (Mac/Win)

InTime Tempo Tracking software provides a flexible metronome that keeps time with your MIDI performance. Play fluidly with legato, and InTime syncs to your playing, for accurate transcriptions of real performances or to create flexible backing tracks that follow you. Sounds nifty, if it works; Windows users today got a 1.2 update while Mac OS […]

Unlikely Sound Equipment I: Drum Machine Made of Eggs

Breakfast: delicious. Drum machines: not so much. Until now. With contact mics hooked up to eggs (the kind that comes from birds, with various breeds represented), Los Angeles-based artists k.cain and b.crabtree have built an audio installation that's (insert egg pun here). A Mac LC sits behind the scenes doing the dirty work with custom […]

Unlikely Sound Equipment II: Synth-in-a-rock

I get these kind of requests all the time. "Peter, thanks for the helpful coverage on the USB MIDI controllers, but when will someone finally release audio hardware I can really use, like a concrete block that plays algorithmic music for 30 years?" Yes, folks: it's a piece of concrete. With a DSP chip inside. […]