Jesusonic CrusFX Hardware Effects Processor

It's difficult providing snappy commentary on the latest bizarre audio hardware people have created. Witness the Jesusonic CrusFX (har, har) 1000. It's a custom-programmed computer effects system, controllable by footswitches, in a homemade wooden case that's shaped like a crucifix. In the words of its creators, it answers the question "What effects processor would Jesus […]

SonicSynth 2 / SonikSynth Free

Our friends at IK Multimedia are now shipping SonikSynth 2, their comprehensive sampled-synthesis instrument based on the SampleTank engine. The full version includes 8 GB(!) of sampled vintage and modern instruments, for 5,000 sounds of everything from Arps and Moogs to acoustic guitars and vocal textures. Good news if your budget or hard drive is […]

Free Effects Round-Up (Mac, Win)

This week brings a number of new free effects for both Mac and Windows: Mac OS X / Now in VST (previously AU-only): Expert Sleepers has a Multitap Delay with filter and saturation, Phaser, Ping-Pong delay, and a delay called Meringue that runs both forwards and backwards. Simple, straightforward controls, but handy tools and you'll […]

CDM Non-Daily in January

As I'm at the Yaddo Colony working on a collaborative project with choreographer Christopher Williams, updates will be more sporadic in the month of January. I have a lineup of guest writers, particularly for the weeks of Macworld and NAMM (including writers at the show), and will write when I can. February 1 CDM will […]

Macworld Rumors: GarageBand 2, Orchestral Jam Pack

Times have changed: some of the Macworld Expo rumor mill's hottest buzz is all about audio. Think Secret reports that the Mac shindig this month will be host to a new version of Apple GarageBand as well as a new orchestral loop and instrument library, Jam Pack 4. (What will orchestral loops sound like, though, […]

Stewart Copeland on Inside Mac; Setup Described

Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police and leading film composer (Wall Street, Pecker, many others) as well composer for ballet and opera, talks to Inside Mac Radio's Scott Shepard in an interview posted today. [ Show notes and downloadable MP3 ] Copeland was a keynote speaker at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, an appearance […]

Electronic Music Pioneer Dave Smith

Today on my weekly 'Economy of Scales' segment for Gizmodo, I take a closer look at Dave Smith's new analog/digital-hybrid keyboard. How did Dave earn the "pioneer" title? His background includes co-founding Sequential, makers of the classic Prophet synth, and a leading role in the creation of MIDI, as well as fathering the Korg Wavestation. […]

High-Quality iPod Recording Hack

iPods curently record at only a 8kHz sampling rate, unsuitable even for clear dialog recordings. That's kept me on a MiniDisc as my primary recording medium for music and even interviews. However, Phillip Torrone points out at hack-a-day, you can get around this limitation by installing iPodLinux on your iPod. That's a little less scary […]

DJing as Reality TV: Oakenfold on Spike

Reality television has finally come to DJing, with a new show on Spike TV called The Club, featuring DJ Paul Oakenfold. Oakenfold's spinning skills will be featured alongside the adventure of managing and marketing nightlife at Ice in Las Vegas. Shure is using the show as a chance to push their line of turntable cartridges […]

Free Mackie Tracktion Download Ends 12/31

If you've been waiting to download a free copy of Mackie's incredible audio/MIDI application Tracktion discussed here on CDM, do it now: Tracktion is available free only until 12/31. After that, you're limited to downloading a demo version that introduces white noise after 2 weeks of use. (The free version is fully functional forever.) Mackie […]