Learn to make animated Max and Max for Live UIs: jsui, Figma

If you’ve been dazzled by some of the motion and interaction design for Max for Live tools I’ve shared lately but don’t know where to start in your own patches, it’s all about jsui. And to get you started, we turn to Estevan Carlos Benson.

This site will help you sort out what’s up with minijack MIDI (PSA – reminder)

Here’s your regular, friendly reminder for those not in the know: if you’ve been puzzled by minijack and TRS connections for MIDI, and why none of them seem to work together, one website has (nearly) all the answers.

Free ShowMIDI is the easiest, prettiest way to monitor MIDI; now V1.0

Geert Bevin’s awesome, attractive, totally free, and open-source ShowMIDI has reached the 1.0 milestone, with new features and an updated video tutorial to match. If you’re looking to monitor MIDI on Mac, Windows, Linux, or iOS, your ship came in.

Dump After Effects and use this in your browser, free: motion graphics, video

Nothing to download, no AI (and it’s not training on your stuff), and nothing to pay: Pikimov is a free Web-based motion graphics tool and video editor. It runs in your browser, but your files stay on your machine. In other words, it’s exactly what you wanted.

Internet Archive has saved MTV News, VICE – and it’s a total time machine

If you want your MTV, you’ve got it back. The Internet Archive and Wayback Machine has restored the archives of MTV News (and VICE, while we’re on the subject) shortly after their corporate overlords nuked everything. It’s a move crucial to research – and pleasantly wasting time online.

Power, broken complexity in new Liliane Chlela album, “Anatomy of a Jerk”

There’s always storytelling and throughline in Liliane Chlela’s work, even in the most brutal driving grooves. Anatomy of a Jerk delivers that same narrative clarity and floor-rumbling authority, out on Mexico City’s Infinite Machine imprint.

Free, ultra-deep spectral synth from Steinberg: X-Stream

Here’s still more experimental sound and cinematic soundscape creation for free. X-Stream is a new free monophonic spectral instrument from Steinberg, complete with support for manipulating your own samples.

Inside Cristian Vogel’s ShifterMesh, a multi-effect inspired by Chilean forests

We’ve got ancient Chilean trees, a serial/parallel frequency shifter effect combined with a rich reverb, and a tool you can try in your browser as well as in plug-in form. Let’s talk to acclaimed composer Cristian Vogel about the art and code of NEL ShifterMesh.

1978’s Oberheim OB-1 synth is getting its due; watch this short documentary

The 1978 (or 77, or 79… ish…) Oberheim OB-1 is an underrated gem in Tom Oberheim’s incredible synthesizer legacy. So it’s about time it get its due. Here’s a short documentary by software developer GForce explaining why the OB-1 was such a great instrument.

rr is a free Max for Live gizmo that lets you play Roar with MIDI notes

What’s great? Roar. What’s the best part of Roar? Feedback. What could make it even better? The ability to play it with MIDI notes. Perfect.