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Free SoundCloud Sampling with Creative Commons Search, Player; Q+A

Creative Commons button. Photo (CC-BY-SA) Andy Melton. Finding samples and remix-able music — or advertising the availability of tracks you want to release for that purpose — has just gotten a lot easier. As part of a raft of improvements to the SoundCloud service – including some nice non-CC enhancements to search and tag browsing […]

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Listen: Four Tet, Live and Remixed, Free on SoundCloud

Four Tet playing live. Photo (CC-BY-ND) Jonathan Fisher. Jon Hopkins – Vessel (Four Tet remix) by Four Tet Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins remix) by Four Tet London-based Four Tet, aka Kieran Hebden, is a genre all his own, a maestro of electronic sounds and a superstar on Domino. He’s… Actually, you know what? I can’t […]

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Berlin Meet-up Tonight with SoundCloud, Web Sharing API, and a Wonderful Laptop Artist

Photo (CC) Till Krech. Forgive some seemingly train-of-thought connections between topics, but today is what I’d call a Nexus of Goodness while I’m traveling through Berlin. 1. Meetup tonight, starting at 7p. Tonight, if you’re in the Berlin area, we’re doing a little, informal meetup to get to know each other and talk Web tools […]

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Calling Samplers, Sharers: Creative Commons Now in SoundCloud

SoundCloud, the music and sound sharing service we saw launch this month has added a very important feature: support for different licenses. When you upload tracks, you can elect to protect your work with a conventional copyright or opt instead for a Creative Commons license. That’s an important feature I’d like to see all these […]

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Bandcamp versus SoundCloud: Online Music Sharing Services, Fight!

The wonderful wire to the ear beats me to raising the question of which online music sharing service should rule them all, Bandcamp or the just-public SoundCloud. I’ll be taking both for a test drive, but as I’m looking at them, any other services we should be considering for a prize fight? Any first impressions […]

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What Do You Get from a Free SoundCloud Account? Co-Founder Explains

There’s been some confusion from our readers and existing beta testers of SoundCloud (see their forums / login required) about what you can get with a free account on the service. Co-founder Eric Wahlforss answers some of these concerns in comments. With a free account, you will be able to: Send/upload up to five tracks […]

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SoundCloud Here: Like Flickr For Music?

  SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo. SoundCloud, an online sharing community for sound and music, is now hours from public launch. I’ve been playing around with a closed beta for several months, and have to say, I’ve been really impressed. SoundCloud isn’t the first attempt to provide places to share music files with […]

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BRDG stream from Tokyo is a hyperactive extravaganza of audiovisual madness

Stream burnout is real. But Wedneday’s visual effects-heavy AV lineup from Tokyo is a shot of adrenaline mixed with sugar. On twice: Tokyo time 20:30, again Berlin time 21:00. Ted Pallas reports.

Read more → is a Max for Live toystore, from Shanghai’s ayrtbh + Gooooose

Two of Shanghai’s most adventurous experimental electronic artists have opened up their toolset, with The Envelope Sequencer is the latest to join these Max for Live treats – SEQUENCER ELECTRONICS.

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Watch stunning live sets, AV from SET Festival Tehran, In-between Conditions Tbilisi

Beam yourself to Iran and Georgia as curators there assemble engrossing audiovisual art and live music sets from around the world. It’s all presented in virtual form. First – to Tehran. SET SET Festival is a half decade-old platform in the Iranian capital, which has acted as a hub both for the audiovisual and experimental […]

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